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A Kodak moment

The most telling part of this Negro discrimination de jure are the remarks in the comment section. Check them out. It seems Whitey is finally growing tired of the constant racial bullying and fleecing by the Orc hordes and their pickle-snooted enablers. The winds of change seem to be gaining in strength.

And that’s the kind of “change” we need to be open to.


Kodak gets court OK to settle racial bias lawsuit

A $21.4 million settlement between Eastman Kodak Co. and African-American workers suing it over alleged discrimination in pay, promotions, layoffs and job assignments has received long-awaited court approval.The dollar amount makes the case one of the largest employment discrimination class-action settlements in recent U.S. history. Under the terms, more than 3,000 people are eligible for payouts ranging from $1,000 to $50,000.

The settlement approved Friday by U.S. Magistrate Jonathan W. Feldman [ Ed.-Well, well, what do we find here under the woodpile-A Jew!] ends nearly seven years of legal fighting. The litigation began in November 2003 with an employee’s handwritten complaint filed against Kodak in federal court in California.

Kodak worked out preliminary terms of the settlement with the plaintiffs in June 2009, though it still needed court approval.

“We’re pleased that this matter has been resolved,” said Kodak spokesman David Lanzillo. “It’s important to note that this settlement represents a resolution of mutual interest. It absolutely does not suggest any wrongdoing on the part of Kodak. The court, in its decision, acknowledged the many challenges that plaintiffs faced in pursuing this litigation.”

Feldman in his ruling pointed to a number of hurdles for the plaintiffs if they took the case to trial.[ Ed.-Translation: “If you goys try ta fight dis blackmail, vee Juden vill make sure you pay even more!] An analysis of the photo and imaging company’s payroll data by a Harvard University expert hired by Kodak indicated that African-American workers were, in fact, favored in promotions and pay raises between 1999 and 2005. But the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 2004 found that weekly pay rates for black workers were consistently below those of white workers. [ Ed.-The Jew and his Marxist minions, as usual, never allows facts to get in the way. It just twists the data to support its anti-White agenda.].

The 2003 lawsuit was refiled in 2004 as a class action on behalf of past and current African-American employees of Kodak, with the plaintiffs calling themselves Employees Committed for Justice.

The settlement ends both that group’s lawsuit and a separate, similar case filed in 2007 by another group of African-American workers. [ Ed.-LOL, the monetary molestation and shaming of White people NEVER ends. Until we as a race stand up to these parasites and forcefully pluck them from the host body.]

Along with the payouts to the plaintiffs, their attorneys will receive $9.7 million in fees and reimbursements. [ Ed.- Race-baiting briefcase buzzards feed their bank accounts with White predation.]

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  1. September 4, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    I am fed this horse crap all the time at work. The vignettes they use always have a dumb white guy, smart latino female boss, and black supporting players. This very training caused a white guy to lose it in one of our plants a few years ago. He killed a bunch of people.Whites are getting to the edge, once there is no more room, they will drop the political correctness crap and start pushing back.How long can they continue to tell me I am evil?

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