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Racial Motivation or Retaliation

This is a very confusing time we live in. While most of us White folks have been beaten with the White guilt hammer and are afraid to show any emotion regarding race, we now even see the media scrambling to say the “right” thing as they report.

Case in point, the Connecticut Brewery slaughter. 8 dead, one suicide, and more scars for the battle of the races. Usually the media would be quick to blame Whites for the violent actions of blacks. It seems that even liberal papers such as the LA Times and NY Times are at least reporting the facts and not painting the story with White guilt. Here is the Story From the NY Times.

Click Read More for the video:

Yes there seems to be a hint of bright light in the darkness. Some news organizations and papers actually reported that Thorton was being fired for theft, and his actions were retaliation rather than actual racism. It was also reported that the family of the brewery owners are very philanthropic and donate money to help increase access to education for less fortunate children and specifically black children.

You don’t see White advocacy groups, or even us at Red Robin Chronicles cheering for the death of Thorton, nor do we revel in the fact that Thorton has again proven a point to the world about homogenization and racial diversity. It is hard to ignore that forcing races to co-exist creates animosity and anger on both parts. Trust can never be established with forced tolerance and integration.

On the flip side one can easily find with a quick Google or Youtube search, black advocacy groups using this situation to spread even more hateful dialog against Whites. Here is a fun clip from our pals at “The Black Power Cartel”. I bet you can’t even watch the whole thing.


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