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Ultra Sensitive, Ultra Liberal, Ultra Reverse Racism.

I am so fed up with White guilt, diversity, political correctness, inclusion, and affirmative action. Sorry if this rant is incoherent, I am so blinded with confusion and anger that I hope I can articulate my point well enough.

I was working in Missouri on a contract last year and one of my employees told me an odd story. In a medium sized city in MO (rather not be specific) at a local government facility there was two White guys trying to figure out how to tie a slip knot while they were on a break.
One guy figured it out and left it in the break room on the table. The other on his way out of the break room tossed it up on an open door.
A few hours later, a black employee walked into the break room and cried racism, hate crime, KKK, hanging blacks, etc… The two men who tied the knot were arrested and charged with a hate crime and fired.

Within the same week another White employee returned from vacation. He was not aware of what had happened. Upon returning from vacation he noticed some of the pipes, wires, and cables he maintains in a hallway were sagging. In order to snug up the hanging lines he tied them with a slip knot.

His supervisor called him frantically an hour or so later regarding his use of a rope. The supervisor explained to the man what had happened. The supervisor said he had no choice but to suspend him for the remainder of the week. At least he was not arrested.

With current events starting to come to a boil such as the border issue, the racial divide the president is creating, the new focus on founding fathers, the election of Rand Paul, you have to wonder how much more can the majority of America…..yes I mean White people actually take. The country was founded by White men for White men to have a free White America. Yet we have been and are beaten down to feel guilty for success, accept minority races as equals, and forced inclusion all at the hands of the media, schools, employers, and we bow our heads in fear of being called racist.

Where are the white advocates? Who speaks for White people? How much farther can we be pushed?
Will all those events boil over and finally the White wimpy majority will find it’s way and stand up to preserve itself and stop the madness?

I hope so, I fear for the White race and what is has become.

Please think about your heritage, think about our founding fathers, think about why Whites are allowing their own demise.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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