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Whose country is this?

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Watch Yourself LaRazza, Us Gringo’s Are Waking Up

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What is in the water in Arizona? This is part two of some great immigration legislation the Governor has passed into law. Part one was making it illegal to hire non-documented workers. Now this new one. Welcome to your awakening you damn politicians!

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Should Christians support Israel?

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LOLitically correct

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10. Sniffy, the cat who loved glue
9. Little Red China Hood
8. Charlotte’s wart
7. Green eggs and weapons of mass destruction
6. Me, my daddy, and his jailhouse lover
5. The little old lady who lived in section 8 housing
4. Hansel and Greta Sustren
3. Snow White and the 7 transvestites
2. Billy goat grope
1. The boy who cried anti-Semite

Bonfire of the Hannitys

April 6, 2010 1 comment

Some time ago, the mainstream media trumpeted rather delightedly the forecast of Whites becoming a minority in the U.S. in 2042. What they didn’t include in this prognosis were the illegal alien numbers which are pouring across our borders, so expect your dispossession even sooner, White man and woman. But with this news came thoughts of the Republican party and its future-or lack thereof.

For years the Republicans have been obsequiously courting the Black and Hispanic vote, all to no avail. No matter how they try, these groups still vote heavily Democratic. Combine this with disenchanted younger White voters gravitating towards Libertarian or Constitutionalist parties and things look bleak for the GOP. One might say they could very well be going extinct.
But don’t expect these cable TV conservatives to suddenly embrace the White demographic. They chaff at the mere mention that they are the “White man’s party,” a designation that couldn’t be further from the truth. So, as the multi-racial Meteor hurtles towards its destiny, what are they to do?
A possible scenario could be the paleo-conservatives breaking from the Neo-con faction and evolving into a political entity. Of course, that would mean standing up for Whites and challenging the Jewish power structure that runs the party, as well as the Democrats. Doubtful they have the courage for that. They like their fat bank accounts and dry-cleaned image too much. Perhaps this is how it ends for them. Unable to beat the Democrats at the social program and welfare hand-out game and losing the allegiance of once-bitten twice shy White voters, they will be pushed out and eliminated.
No need for sunglasses, Republicans. Your future looks rather dark, indeed.

Entire young white South African generation has left the country

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