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What comes around, goes around

I just recently received a phone call from a former co-worker who is active in the military. He has just returned from spending six months in Afghanistan. He had some very interesting tales to share with me, concerning the situation over there. It seems the Afghans are diminutive in size, so some of the U.S. soldiers have made it a hobby of punching them out. He also reveled in the story of how the Afghan children run after the transport trucks carrying U.S. soldiers, hoping possibly that the soldiers will toss them some item of sustenance in their war-torn country. He said the soldiers would instead fill empty soda bottles with urine and fling them out to the pack of kids and watch them fight over it. He says these pastimes are common practice in Iraq, also.

I am not passing judgment here. War desensitizes. But It does lead one to wonder this; in that flock of Afghan or Iraqi children, could a leader of the Muslim world be born, uniting its followers around the globe, who number over a billion and a half?

It’s time to end these wars. We have become the proxy army for Israel and its powerful lobbying groups here in the United States. Our military men are being killed, maimed and desensitized, just to appease Jewish interests. Take back your country America, before someone bred on indignation and cruelty is tossing you those soda bottles filled with more than just contempt.

  1. April 1, 2010 at 2:49 am

    Chilling reality. So many things lead to that type of behavior. The morals of people are in the toilet and it has translated into all industries and now the military.

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