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Viva La’ Free Range!

Immigrants are avoiding the cities a new study shows. Making their way to other area’s for more opportunities to destroy communities and milk the system.

While politicians have rallied around the cry of immigration control, very little has actually been done. A lot of talk and the same old promises of change and stricter laws.

It’s a scary thought having no where left to run, being highly outnumbered by a people that do not respect you or your culture. And that is exactly what future generations will face, our children and grandchildren. Who knows what America’s new residents has in store for them? If it’s anything like today’s inner cities, it wont be pretty.

Today’s average White person just doesn’t seem to realize the real danger this imposes. Or perhaps they still believe their elected officials? It is in this blogger’s opinion that the glass is already half empty and there certainly appears to be no shortage of immigrants to finish it off.

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