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Evil Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

Are these crazy light bulbs a left wing conspiracy to ban incandescent light bulbs in order to make Americans buy only China made CFLs? Could be, you know I don’t like those liberals.

Do CFLs represent one more nail in the coffin of liberty and freedom?
Yes, I think anytime the government takes away freedom of choice you are stepping on liberties.

Don’t CFLs contain Mercury and will melt our brains and kill us all as a result of air and water pollution? No, not hardly.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 is a little mis-understood.
People believe that in 2014 incandescent light bulbs will be banned. That is not entirely accurate. Light bulbs will have to be 33% more efficient than current incandescent light bulbs. That means that instead of a 100 watt light bulb giving you 1,600 lumen, the light bulb will have to use 66 watts to give you 1,600 lumen.

Manufacturers are already making these hybrid incandescent light bulbs so rest assured you will still have incandescent light bulbs. They will be a little more money but they will be available.

However. Consider CFLs anyway. We talked about the 100 watt light bulb and the 1,600 lumen it puts out. Did you know that a CFL uses 20-23 watts to output the same 1,600 lumen? Really that is a 75% reduction in electricity.

Look I think the “climate change” issue is a political soap box for libs, I don’t give any credence in that man is causing us to melt down. I do find CFLs are a way to save energy in my home which means I pay less to my electric company.

Mercury! Please. There is more Mercury (Hg) in your head, thermostat, and fish, than in a CFL. There is only about 2 milligrams in each bulb. There is 500 mg in a thermostat.

If you were to use a CFL until it dies and then smash it on the ground, you will have caused less Mercury emissions than if you used incandescent bulbs instead.

This is because, as you use an incandescent light bulb it takes so much more power to deliver light that the increase of coal fired emissions is much higher than that of the CFL. Incandescents cause 10mg of Hg due to burning of coal to power the bulb. CFLs contain 2 mg of Hg and cause 4 mg of Hg for a total of about 6 mg of Mercury emmisions.
Mercury issue…debunked.

So on to the savings in your wallet. Fist off CFLs will last quite a few years which saves you the hassle of changing them. They use 75% less energy, and are cool to the touch which makes then safer.

Let’s use the example of 10 light bulbs to change out. 10 incandescent at 100 watts used 4 hours per day is about $248 per year based on $0.17 rate per kWh.

If you use 10 CFLs at 21 watts for 4 hours per day it would cost about $52.

You could save Almost 200 bucks.

So never mind the Mercury and political bullshit! Use CFLs to help you and your family save money while we ride out this freaking administration’s whacky economic policies.

Twist on and twist up.

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