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Breed Mixing And I Don’t Mean Cockapoos.

The Authors here often see things from a similar point of view with differing factions. In this case I (Otter) submit to you Beer version articles compared to what S.R. Davidson offers up as sophisticated champagne. And Spike is a breed all his own.

I don’t like it. No matter how many diversity and inclusion classes you make me sit through I will not adapt nor go along to get along. You can’t make me like something or “accept” something just because we are told that “we must” embrace differences. And I am referring to dating and marrying within your race and not being ashamed of admitting you prefer not to do so.

It is funny because in the name of diversity we are killing true diversity.

I am a strong believer in human nature, and how it compares to the law of nature in the animal kingdom.

Lets talk about mating and procreation. Animals across the globe mate with their own species and with the opposite sex to reproduce. Some species select one mate for life, others find a new mate to reproduce with in order to continue their lineage.

Humans, historically have selected a life long mate from their own race and a member of the opposite sex to reproduce and carry on the family heritage and build a long lasting lineage.
At no time do you see animal species mating outside their kind, or with the same sex.

For example you won’t catch a Tiger reproducing with a Lion, a Snapping Turtle with a Painted Box Turtle, a Wolf with a Coyote, or a Monkey with a Chimp (a close relation to us 99%).

Sure you will find domesticated species like cats and dogs that cross breed, but that is due to human intervention and because of these activities we can see evidence of perverse breeding that creates beasts that just should not happen. These poor muts would not have happened unless humans intervened with forced breeding and captivity.

It is natural that we are attracted to our own race. Stop feeling like you have to find something attractive about another race when you are simply not attracted. To take that a step further, you should only seek out your own race and reproduce with your own race.

This is important to the preservation of your race.

Follow the example of the jews, Asians, African countries, and other proud races who do not allow their kind to reproduce outside their race. Why do whites in American not see the importance of continuing their race?

We talk about America being the melting pot, well that is a nice concept but we have to remember this is a white nation founded by white people. I will be polite and say that allowing immigration was a productive idea in the early 1900’s as we allowed more white Europeans to enter the country to assimilate and bring their cultures inherent skills to America to help better the country. That is not just being polite it is pure truth as opposed to today’s immigrants (muslims, mexicans).

Even then monoculturalism was practiced. You saw Italians marrying and reproducing with other Italians, same can be said for all European immigrants. This bolstered the value and diversity (yes diversity as it should be used) of all the races immigrating to the USA.

Sadly the concept of the melting pot was lost and is now interpreted as blending races to make one tan race of people.

There is a huge problem with that. We will lose that diversity that we are so forced to embrace. We will lose what each culture brought to the table. The new crossbreed will be a dumbed down, brown eyed, tan, mediocre race of people that have lost their special talents and now are all same as everyone else.

This will lead to easy pickings from other countries who have stuck to monoculturalism.

Stay tuned, next we will compare human nature, mother nature, and laws of nature to homosexuality. Yeah that will be fun.

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