Aka, “How to pwn {sic} liberals in one easy lesson.”

We’ve all been there, no matter your position. Be it Republican, Libertarian, Nationalist, et cetera. You’re arguing with a liberal and eating his lunch. You’ve trounced his egalitarian ideology, gutted his Marxist world view, when suddenly, your left-wing foe blurts out, “well, you must be a racist!”
Like a deer in headlights, you freeze. How do you combat against this modern day scarlet letter he has just branded you with, the equivalent of being accused of witchcraft in 17th century Salem? The answer is you agree with him. Now before you nervously laugh at my suggestion and then proceed to call the men with the big butterfly nets, please, hear me out.

“Racist” is a term whose origin is generally attributed to the Jewish Marxist, Leon Trotsky in the 1930’s. It was also adapted by the Jew Magnus Hirschfeld who implemented it in Germany around the same time period. Yeah, it’s a neologism, having only been spawned in the last 60 years. This pejorative is purely as an ad hominem, used specifically to undermine and thwart racial truths and discussion, and to bring into disrepute the speaker of such subjects. These days, it is used sometimes in conjunction with other derogatory terms, such as “Nazi” or “White supremacist. “Racist” by definition is paradoxically undefined, as Craig Bodeker illuminates in his brilliant documentary, “A conversation about race.” (If you haven’t seem this masterpiece, I suggest you do.)

You see dear White person, you’ll be slapped with this epithet no matter how lightly you attempt to tread the waters of political correctness. So why not meet them head on and declare, “if defending my folk is what you consider racist, then so be it!” It’s obvious liberals cannot argue with the factual realities of racial differences, So keep it easy for them. Simple terms for simple people.

The best defense is a good offense in this case. How many times have fellow Whites leaned over to you and in a hushed tone, whispered, “I’m not a racist, but…” It’s time we stand up to these bullies and liars, and tell them assertively that no longer will we as White men and women be flagellated by this polemic cat ‘o nine tails!

In the end you’ll find it’s just a word. An illusion. A skulking Nosferatu that turns to dust the minute it is engulfed in the unrepentant radiance of an emboldened posture. So, the next time someone tries to smear you with the word “racist,” turn the tables. Press the fight. And above all…ATTACK!

  1. March 16, 2010 at 2:14 am

    It is as plain as day that if you even think about racial differences, or have any concerns about your race, you automatically think…"am I a racist?". We have been beat down and made to feel guitly since as far back as I can remember watching the great space coaster and Sesame Street.

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