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All fall down

You’re country is dying, White man. And you don’t even know it. The illness has been progressing for some time now. You seemingly emerged from the internecine carnage of World War II victorious and relatively unscathed-but it wasn’t true. Your country was sick. Very, very sick.

As you built your materialistic empire upon the bankrupted corpses of Europe, parasites were nimbly attaching themselves to your western world. These cultural invaders had names like Freud and Gramsci; Boas and Adorno. They were a super-bug, evolved from the virulent strain of Marx and Engels. the Disease they brought was known as critical theory.

It wasn’t long before these pathogens began fostering symptoms: Forced integration turned your once elite academic institutions into nothing more than vapid indoctrination camps, geared towards the lowest common denominator and filled with menacing non-White students, focused solely on taking out their Frankfurt-fueled racial wrath on the unfortunate White students who remained. The 1965 immigration act left your once clean and safe towns and cities nothing but crumbling, violent war zones. So you left these areas for dryer (Whiter) climes. But the symptoms followed: Open borders; Islamic terrorism; a failing economy…

Sure, some tried to administer a remedy to your bed-ridden nation, but they mostly offered nostrums and foolishly fought the effects and not the cause. But these few at least exhibited some modicum of valor. Most were consumed in their apathetic nihilism-either not caring, or electing Republican then Democrat, then Republican then Democrat…Always too myopic to ever see beyond the false, traitorous paradigm of their bought, elitist leadership.

And the contagion looked on with malevolent joy. It didn’t matter to them that your country had given them sanctuary, or even played an influential hand in securing a homeland for them in the middle east. It despised your country…your civilization. You were an enemy to be vanquished. It had no capacity for compassion or sentiment. It only interested itself in your genocide. How they must have laughed at you behind closed doors. At your weakness; at your racial disloyalty; at your fucking stupidity…

But you smugly thought to yourself it’ll be a problem for someone else, some future generation. That much is true. The Zimbabwe zeitgeist that finally metastasizes on this land will surely be the ill fortune of some future White progeny of our folk. But you won’t hear any of their screams, see any of the vicious brutality that is unleashed upon them. You’ll be dead. Long gone. Cold in your tomb…Just like your country.

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