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Green Juice From the Government Teet -By Otter

How long until it runs out?

“What” say you. How long until the green juice runs dry from the teet of the cow that is our federal government?
I am all for cutting back on electricity to circumvent brown outs and black outs, to avoid the need to build more power plants, to help you and me save money on our utility bills.
God knows I need to be able to watch my Housewives of Orange County and American Idol. By golly I do not want a rolling brown out to ruin my coma couch session.

I even use CFL bulbs, high efficiency HVAC equipment, advanced power strips, and so on but I do it because I am a cheap bastard. I want to forfeit as little of money money as possible to the utilities.

However I am loosing patience on the “climate change” movement that is more about giving politicians a platform than doing any real good.
I would go so far as to say that the climate change bill that is being proposed will stop the heart of our withering industrial sector in America. Oh yes climate change, cap and trade, state regulations, etc are all great little topics.

But today let’s talk specifically about the green juice from the teet shall we. In case you did not pick up on my feeble attempt at comedy I am talking about money being dumped into the green movement under the guise of climate change (formally known as global warming but that name doesn’t fit any more since we have had record cold weather).

Cash for clunkers, Home Star, caulk for cousins, American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, etc all have one thing in common. They are being funded with money we do not have!

The US is broke, we have less money than a inner city homeless dude pan handling for your Starbucks change. We are talking red ink like we have never seen before.

When you throw a big freaking rebate on an ENERGY STAR appliance, a hybrid car, or home mechanical equipment people will buy that stuff (they don’t realize they are paying for it in the end through taxes).
When the money goes bye bye you will see that people snap right back into buying for price and not efficiency.

Right now since there is rebate money for just about anything claiming energy savings people see the ENERGY STAR logo and think “cha ching I get a rebate” rather than “hey it is ENERGY STAR I know that must be a quality efficient piece of machinery”. That creates a false market and will not sustain market share of energy efficient products.

Another side of this is the “green jobs”. “Oh this administration is creating green jobs”. These jobs are temporary at best! They are not producing manufacturing jobs. They are producing government sector jobs and consulting jobs that only exist while the green juice is squirting. It is a matter of time until the cow runs dry and all those jobs are gone.

Well kids, all that is left is borrowed money and it too is at the end of the line.
At this point the green juice is really red and caustic. If we keep sitting around like little baby birds with our mouths open waiting for more green juice we will be poisoned by the red juice and we will not economically recover for a very long time.

Personally I think we should wean off the teet for everything federal, but right now the green juice teet is a must stop.

Don’t drink the juice its spoiled.

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