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Gay Marriage -By Otter

Why do people have to be married in order to receive benefits of a married couple?
Marriage is based on a holy union (to which I do not holy anything) and with the decline of “believers” why keep up the charade of “marriage”?
A holy union (aka marriage) should not be the prerequisite to receiving medical benefits and acknowledgement for federal and state tax participation among other “benefits”.

Rather than allowing gays to be “married” why not just change the rules to allow people to be co-home owners, or live in co-residents.

This is not standing up for gay rights it is shutting up the gays from whining about having to be included in the concept of marriage. Marriage is not meant for two dudes or two chicks, or two straight atheists. It is a religious sanction.
Sure we could have a very colorful discussion on homosexuality and gay adoption, but lets save that for more fun later on.

The other part of this that really sticks in my craw is the federal government has no business making a ruling either way on gay marriage (plus many more topics). Stop wasting time and pretending this is a political matter. It is screwing up elections for Pete’s sake.

People are losing sight on real issues like less government, less spending, foreign affairs, and dividing this crappy two party system. The sheeple masses focus on whether or not the candidates are for or against gay marriage or abortion.

Please slap yourself, splash water in your face, pull some nose hairs, and wake up, those are not federal issues. Let the government get back to what they need to be concerned with and stop blathering on about gay marriage!

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